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Industry: Packaging

AC Drives, Servo Systems and Controller products are applied to many types of packaging machinery. Yaskawa specializes in developing and applying advanced automation technology to improve packaging processes. These advancements include eliminating downtime, reduced maintenance, increased production rates, e-stop recovery and higher quality products. Yaskawa has experience in packaging machinery solutions from simple variable speed control to 84 synchronized axes of motion.

Ydaskawa also provides complete control solution packages. The MP products are developed to control all functions in machine process control including motion control, PLC functionality, I/O, sequential logic and process algorithms. Controller integration lowers system cost, increases performance, reduces required panel space and unifies programming. Process monitoring and diagnostics are inherent features of this platform. These advancements increase product throughput, and reduce machine downtime. Productivity increases exceeding 200% have been achieved. Smoother running and e-stop recovery routines lessen mechanical wear and reduce down time.

Applications for Packaging