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Elevator DrivesL1000 Drive

Today's elevators and escalators require a quality ride through smooth operation, high speeds and higher cycle times. In addition, a low carbon footprint through low harmonics and energy savings is being driven by government incentives, regulations and user awareness.

The Yaskawa product offering of AC Drives fulfills all of these needs with the highest quality drive in the industry. These drives may include L1000 and others.

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Power Quality
A selection of products are available to meet various power quality initiatives. These initiatives include low harmonics, regeneration and energy savings.

Elevator/Escalator Dedicated Drives
User friendliness is the emphasis of Yaskawa drives. The keypad interface and programming are dedicated to elevator and escalator applications. The performance features are well-suited for both Induction and Permanent Magnet motors with the latest control functions.

Excellent Reliability
The Yaskawa products have a long-standing track record for leading the industry with the highest quality drive. The latest series of drives features lifetime monitors for increased maintainability.

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