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F7 Drive
1/2 - 500 Horsepower Industrial Workhorse

The F7 drive was the Industrial Workhorse of adjustable frequency drives. It was intended to handle every conventional drive application found in the typical industrial manufacturing plant from simple variable torque pumping to sophisticated networked material handling. With excellent performance and a wide array of configurations and options, the F7 could have been the single drive platform for an entire facility. Network communications, plug-in I/O cards, custom software, and power/packaging options were among the many choices.

For new installations or retrofits, the F7 was truly the Industrial Workhorse, perfect for every conventional application…and even some unconventional ones.

The F7 / Configured package provided an F7 drive in a NEMA Type 12 or NEMA 12 FVFF enclosure, with space for factory-mounted and wired options, such as reactors, filters, circuit breakers, fuses, network communications and I/O cards, etc.

The F7 Drive is a Legacy product and is no longer promoted in the Americas.

Available Support
Product SupportFactory RepairAvailable
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Replacement DriveAvailable
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Retrofit/Upgrade DriveA1000 Drive
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Model NumbersYaskawa: CIMR-F7Uxxxxxx
Omron/IDM: 3G3RV-xxxxx
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Support MaterialsUser Manual TM.F7.01View Option and Other Manuals
Programming Manual TM.F7.02
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