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J7 Drive
Legacy in the Americas

The J7 drive was a general purpose AC drive; its PWM design provided low motor noise and high starting torque, with a current overload rating of 150% for 60 seconds. V/f control made this drive suitable for most general applications. The J7 was feature-packed, low cost, and compact. The digital operator included a 3-digit LED status display. Digital programming covered 79 parameters. The J7 had five digital inputs (3 progammable), 1 analog input, and 1 digital output (programmable). An optional RS-485 Modbus RTU serial communication port was available. An ideal choice whenever low cost and small size were required.

The J7 Drive is a Legacy product and is no longer promoted in the Americas. Earlier versions of this product were named GPD 305/J7, GPD 305, or VS Mini J7.

Available Support
Product SupportFactory RepairNot Available
PartsNot Available
(repairable product for refurbished product)
Not Available
Replacement DriveNot Available
Retrofit/Upgrade DriveJ1000 Drive
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Model NumbersYaskawa: CIMR-J7AMxxxxx
MagneTek: GPD305-JDxxxx
Omron/IDM: 3G3JV-Axxxx
Saftronics: VM7xxxx
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Support MaterialsTechnical Manual TM.J7.01View Option and Other Manuals
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