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Download Documents for Inverters/Drives-J7 Drive

The following documents are available for this product by download. Click on the Details icon for a complete description of the document.

Rev Date   Size
S5485Dimensions S5485 J7 Protected Chassis 1/8-1hp, 230v, CIMR-J720P10 thru 20P70
Multiple files exist. Please view the details
Dimension/Outline Diagram07/08/200299 KB, 133 KB, 706 KB
S5486Dimensions S5486 J7 Protected Chassis 2-5hp 230v 1/2-5hp 460v, CIMR-J721P50 thru 23P70 and 40P20 thru 43P70
Multiple files exist. Please view the details
Dimension/Outline Diagram07/08/2002105 KB, 142 KB, 731 KB
WD.J7.02Wiring diagram for J7 drive with 2 wire controlSchematic Wiring Diagram07/01/2005199 KB
WD.J7.03Wiring diagram for J7 drive with 3 wire controlSchematic Wiring Diagram07/01/2005196 KB
TO-S606-12DCNInstruction Manual for J7 DriveTechnical Manuals01/01/20033.6 MB
TOBPC72060000YASKAWA AC Drive-Option Instructions, BRAKING UNIT- CDBR, BRAKING RESISTOR UNIT-LKEBInstallation Guides12/15/20132.8 MB
TOBPC72060001YASKAWA AC Drive-Option Instructions, BRAKING UNIT- CDBR Spec. D, BRAKING RESISTOR UNIT-LKEBInstallation Guides11/12/20136.8 MB
AN.AFD.27Protective Enclosures for Yaskawa AC DrivesApplication Note04/01/2012212 KB
2Y25-0515Remote Digital Operator Kit, DS031 & DS033 Nema 4/12 for J7 driveInstallation Guides05/09/2000292 KB
TM.J7.01Technical Manual for J7 Drive Technical Manuals04/01/20077.2 MB
YEA-TOS-S606.12Varispeed J7 Manual de instruccione.s SpanishTechnical Manuals12/01/19992.8 MB
YEA-TOA-S606-12Varispeed J7 drive Instructions EnglishTechnical Manuals12/01/19992.7 MB
YEG-TSF-S606-12BVarispeed J7 Drive Instruction Manual FrenchTechnical Manuals06/26/20011.5 MB
AN.AFD.20Procedure for Inverter StorageApplication Note11/30/2009359 KB
IG.J7.50Installation Guide for NEMA 4/12 Remote Operator Kit for J7 drivesInstallation Guides03/01/200686 KB
WD.DW.05Wiring Diagram for DriveWizard and DriveWizard Plus Cable to DriveSchematic Wiring Diagram05/23/201130 KB
TM.DW.04User Manual for DriveWizard 6.1 Software Technical Manuals04/01/20062.8 MB