FAQ# MTN-8CKHXV Published: 01/05/2011

Question:What is the memory capacity for the MP2000 IEC Controllers?
Answer:The capacity of the controller is 8 MB of flash memory and 32 MB of RAM. The controller will come from the factory with some of that memory used for the operating system and firmware. The figure below from the Hardware Configuration software describes the memory allocation of the controller in an out of the box scenario.

It's important to note that the controller pre-allocates all the IEC memory that will never be allocated to an application program, so the pie chart will show about 1/3 used regardless of how many axes or how many variables are created. The remainder of the memory is available for either data files, such as cam files, or data logging files.

Product Information:

Product Group:Motion
Product:MotionWorks IEC, MP2000iec Series, MP2300Siec, MP2310iec, MP2600iec
Applications:Automotive; Coating; Collating; Converting; Conveyor; Depalletizer; Dynamometer; Electronics; Extruder; Feeder; Food and Beverage; General Machinery; Glass; Grinder; Indexing; Irrigation; Knitting; Lathe; Machine Tool; Material Handling; Metal Forming; Metals; Mining; Packaging; Palletizer; Pharmaceutical; Plastics; Positioning; Power; Printing; Punch Press; Rubber; Semiconductor; Textile; Transportation; Washdown; Winder; Wire and Cable; Woodworking
Category:Applications; Hardware; Programming; Software; Specifications
Part/Model#: MotionWorks IEC, MotionWorks IEC Pro, MP2300Siec

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