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Document TM.P7.01

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P7 Drive; P7S Slim Configured Package


CIMR-P7U20P4; CIMR-P7U20P7; CIMR-P7U21P5; CIMR-P7U22P2; CIMR-P7U23P7; CIMR-P7U25P5; CIMR-P7U27P5; CIMR-P7U2011; CIMR-P7U2015; CIMR-P7U2018; CIMR-P7U2022; CIMR-P7U2030; CIMR-P7U2037; CIMR-P7U2045; CIMR-P7U2055; CIMR-P7U2075; CIMR-P7U2090; CIMR-P7U2110; CIMR-P7U40P4; CIMR-P7U40P7
CIMR-P7U41P5; CIMR-P7U42P2; CIMR-P7U43P7; CIMR-P7U45P5; CIMR-P7U47P5; CIMR-P7U49P0; CIMR-P7U4011; CIMR-P7U4015; CIMR-P7U4018; CIMR-P7U4024; CIMR-P7U4030; CIMR-P7U4037; CIMR-P7U4045; CIMR-P7U4055; CIMR-P7U4075; CIMR-P7U4090; CIMR-P7U4110; CIMR-P7U4160; CIMR-P7U4185; CIMR-P7U4220; CIMR-P7U4300

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Technical Manuals

Document Title:

User Manual for P7 Drive

Revision Number:

Rev: 06-05

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Document Description:

Installation and User instructions for the P7 drive, models CIMR-P7U*. The companion manual for advanced Programming of the P7 drive is TM.P7.02. For installation wire size, use the data in IG.P7.03 instead of that in chapter 2 of TM.P7.01.

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Other Subject Pertinence:

Adjustments; Fault Code Description; Installation; Instructions; Keypad-Operator; Maintenance; Operation; Parameters; Programming; Start Up; Troubleshooting; Tuning; Wiring