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Document SN.AFD.09

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Network Comms-DeviceNet; Network Comms-EtherNet-IP; Network Communications Options; V7N Drive


CM059; SI-N3; Allen-Bradley 1756-DNB Series C DeviceNet module

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Service Note: DeviceNet Communications when using an A-B 1756-DNB series C and D Modules with a 1756-EtherNet/IP Module as a Gateway

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YEA Engineering and QC Groups have discovered an error when accessing a DeviceNet network using an EtherNet/IP module as a gateway in the Allen-Bradley 1756 line of PLCs. When communicating with DeviceNet devices through the EtherNet/IP gateway, all parameters and registers with an address LSB of 0x00 return the not enough data error. If the parameter or register attribute is 0x00, the 1756-DNB series C and D modules with firmware versions of 11.002 or earlier strip off the attribute and use the first data byte as the attribute. This leaves only one byte of data with the DeviceNet option expecting two bytes.

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Network Communications