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Document CSA.Z1000.01

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Z1000 Bypass; Z1000 Configured; Z1000 Drive

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CSA Certificate of Compliance for Z1000 Drive

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CSA Certificate of Compliance for Z1000 Variable Speed Drives for AC Motors, Series CIMR, followed by Z, followed by A through Z, followed by 2 or 4 followed by A through Z, followed by XXXX, where XXXX is 0005 through 0590, followed by A or F, followed by XX, where XX is AA through ZZ; open or enclosed type 1 drives; Ratings: Input: 200 to 240Vac, 10.6A to 396A, 50/60Hz; Output: 0-240Vac, 396A to 21A, 0/240Hz; Input: 380 to 480Vac, 4.8A to 590A, 50/60Hz; Output: 0-480Vac, 4.8A to 590A, 0/240Hz; Short Circuit: 100 kA RMS, 480 Vac maximum.

NOTE: This compliance document pertains to individual drives that may be used as part of a Bypass, Configured, or Engineered package within an enclosure. The document does not exclusively make any compliance claims regarding the enclosure in which they are housed.

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