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Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions:
1. Is it possible to communicate to an MP920 218IF Ethernet Module from a PC using an OPC Server?
2. How do I add external regenerative resistors?
3. The Personal Computer used for communication with Yaskawa Products does not have a serial port. How can communication be established?
4. Are example application programs available for the EXOR HMI when using an MP940 Machine Controller?
5. Is there a procedure for starting-up a Sigma II Servo System with an Absolute Encoder?
6. Does Yaskawa offer software for sizing rotary servomotors?
7. Is it possible to configure a PC to communicate with an MP920 controller via the 218IF Ethernet module?
8. Is it possible for an MP920 CPU to communicate serially to several V7 inverters?
9. Can the MP920 change the parameters in an SGDH amplifier?
10.What is the procedure to setup a rotary axis in MP controllers using MotionWorks?