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Yaskawa America, Inc. provides Industrial Control and Automation products to markets in the Americas. Yaskawa is the world’s largest manufacturer of ac drives and motion control products, including adjustable frequency drives, servo amplifiers, servomotors, machine controllers, and motion controllers.

Industrial AC Drives

Industrial AC Drives
This group of Adjustable Frequency Drives and Inverters control the speed of AC induction motors in factory automation processes and industrial OEM machines.

Commercial HVAC Drives

HVAC Drives
These Variable Frequency Drives are designed specifically for Building Automation Systems, air handlers, cooling towers, and other commercial fan and pump applications.

iQpump Drives

Specialty Pump Drives
The iQpump drives are designed with the pump service operators and pump system owners in mind, offering ease of setup and comprehensive pump and motor protection features.

iQrise Drive

Elevator Drives
These drives are designed specifically for Elevator and Escalator applications.

Medium Voltage Drives

Medium Voltage Drives
These Medium Voltage (MV) Drives serve a broad range of applications, controlling the speed of induction or synchronous motors at 2400V or 4160V from 200 to 5000HP.

AC Servo Systems and Motion Controllers

Servo Systems and Motion Controllers
Our brushless AC servos, digital amplifiers, linear motors, direct drive motors, and servo gearmotors provide high performance motion control. Single-Axis and Multi-Axis Motion Controllers are designed for stand-alone, networked, and coordinated motion of Industrial Machines

Low Voltage SwitchesLow Voltage Industrial Control
These switches include the Bestact Reed Elements, relays, proximity sensors, push-buttons, and other control devices.

Spindle Drives and Motors

Spindle Drives and Motors
These Spindle Drives and Motors are designed specifically for high-speed spindles in machine tool applications.

Industrial Robot

Motoman Robotics Division
Yaskawa America, Inc. - Motoman Robotics Division delivers innovative robotic automation solutions for virtually every industry and robotic application, including arc welding, assembly, clean room, coating, dispensing, material cutting (laser, plasma, waterjet), material handling (diecast, machine loading, packaging, palletizing, part transfer, press tending), material removal (deburring, polishing, sanding) and spot welding.