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Servo Systems and Motion Controllers

Our broad product range of servo systems includes brushless AC servo motors, digital amplifiers, linear motors, and direct drive motors. These best-in-class servo systems can be matched with single-axis or multi-axis motion controllers for a system solution with the best quality and reliability in the business.

Rotary Servo Motors Ten AC brushless servomotor lines including direct drive technology with speeds to 6,000 rpm and torques to 1,182 Nm (over 870 lb-ft).
Linear Servo Motors Coreless, iron-core and unique balanced-force linear motor coils, magnet tracks, and Sigma Trac linear motor slides.
Servo Amplifiers Fully digital, networkable amplifiers with modular connection to single-axis controls. 30 watt to 55 kW power range with 100-480 VAC operation.
Single-Axis Motion Controllers Configurable or fully programmable machine control with Ethernet, DeviceNet, and Profibus options.
Multi-Axis Motion Controllers Highly flexible controls for electronic gearing, camming, and coordinated motion with Ethernet connectivity.