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CNC Troubleshooting / J300

Class Number: TRM030-J300
Class Location:
Class Cost: $980

Class Topics:
The CNC Troubleshooting / J300 class discusses how to troubleshoot the YASNAC J300 CNC systems. A desktop CNC machine tool is available in the classroom for students projects. An emphasis is placed on hands-on exercises. which comprise almost half of the class. Class topics include but are not limited to:
  • Introduction to the system
  • Operating the J300 system
  • Ladder interface and I/O
  • General programming
  • Parameters and software used by the i80 type control
  • Special adjustments
  • Up/Down load of all CNC data
  • Hardware used by the J300 controller
  • Alarms and troubleshooting
  • Board replacement
  • Power grounding
  • IR Type Servo overview
  • Spindle Inverter Troubleshooting for the VM3 spindle drives.
    Topics include:
    • System introduction
    • Main circuit
    • Reviewing the elementary schematic
    • A simple block diagram
    • How the speed loop works
    • How the position loop works
    • Hands-on lab

Class Materials:
Students will receive a copy of the class training manual as well as selected product user and instruction manuals in paper and/or electronic format.

Yaskawa TTS provides a number of training classes for its customers that require the use of low level voltages (120vac, 208vac and 460vac). To ensure a level of safety for the student while working with training class equipment using these voltages, TTS follows an Arch Flash Policy that is consistent with NFPA 70E.
Each student attending class must wear non-melting, untreated, natural fiber long pants.

Student should have a basic understanding of CNCs, servos and inverters. Logical troubleshooting skills and knowledge of basic test equipment is also recommended. If you're not sure if this class is right for you, call and speak with one of Yaskawa's Product Training Engineers at 1-800-YASKAWA (927-5292) dial 4.
Class Format:
This class runs from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm each day, with a one-hour lunch and two 15-minute breaks. The class consists of approximately 50% lecture and 50% hands-on exercises.
Class Cost:
Contact Yaskawa for pricing at 1-800-YASKAWA (927-5292) dial 4. The fee that you will be charged includes all training documents, a continental breakfast each morning, and a lunch each day. Costs associated with travel, lodging, and evening meals are not included and are the student's responsibility.
To Enroll:
To enroll in any class, call Technical Training Services at 1-800-YASKAWA (927-5292) dial 4. Please have a PO ready when you call. Class sizes are limited, so call early to reserve your seat. PO must be net 30 days.
Cancellation Policy:
Yaskawa reserves the right to cancel a scheduled class at anytime due to low enrollment. In this situation the student will be asked to reschedule or the tuition cost will be refunded. Yaskawa is not liable for any charges incurred by the customer (i.e.-airline, hotel, and rental car) due to cancellation.

Cancellation fee for customers: if canceling within 1 week of the scheduled class is 50% of the total.
Cancellation fee for ASC/Partners: if canceling within 1 week of the scheduled class is 100% of the total.