FAQ# DRV-5FLM2U Published: 10/27/2005

Question:Does installation of an AC Drive near a large capacitor bank (power-factor correction) require special consideration?
Answer:Yes. Capacitors are put across the AC power line to correct for lagging power factor due to inductive loads. Motors, relay coils, transformers, etc. are inductive loads. Many times capacitors are switched on and off the line as demand changes. Unfortunately, this switching results in large voltage spikes on the power line which can damage the drives rectifier circuit. To prevent damage use a 5% line reactor on the drive's input. If overvoltage faults are indicated, add dynamic braking -- this will clamp the DC bus.

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Product Group:Inverters/Drives
Product:E7 Drive, F7 Drive, G5 Drive 600 Volt, G5HHP Drive, G7 Drive, J7 Drive, P5 Drive 600 Volt, P7 Drive, V7 Drive, V74X Drive, V7N Drive, VS mini

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