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September 2015

 Yaskawa Releases SigmaLogic Option for Sigma-5 Servos

New Option Allows Programming of Sigma-5 Servos via Rockwell PLCs

August 2015

 Project profile: Chillers retrofit at office buildings

Prepackaged chillers retrofit cut energy costs by 30% and reduced required maintenance and extending operating life at Duke Realty Corp.’s 19-story office building in Clayton, Mo.

 Using a Digital Motion Network

Machine designers strive to increase throughput, decrease machine costs, and reduce maintenance costs. The migration from traditional analog motion networks to digital motion networks accomplishes those goals in 12 important ways.

 Yaskawa Aquires Wermac Electric, Ltd.

Acquisition Strengthens Yaskawa's Position in the Oil and Gas Industry.

 Yaskawa Releases the Z1000 Family of Drives

A New Standard for HVAC and Building Automation Applications

July 2015

 Yaskawa Awarded "Elite Supplier" by Greenheck Fan Corporation

Greenheck, a leading supplier of air movement and control equipment, has recognized Yaskawa America, Inc - Drives and Motion division as an Elite Supplier.

 The Skinny on Reactors for VFDs

Reactors for AC drives are available as either AC reactors or DC reactors (DC link chokes).

June 2015

 Yaskawa Celebrates 100-Year Anniversary in 2015

Yaskawa Electric Corporation (Yaskawa) headquartered in Kitakyushu, Japan, will commemorate their 100th anniversary during 2015 across all global locations in 28 countries. In addition to the centenary celebration, Yaskawa will renew its corporate logo and identity as a symbol of evolution and future growth.

May 2015

 Evaluating Servo Performance

Servo system selection criteria involves more than just wattage and price. Other important servo criteria to consider include rated torque, rated speed, overload time, torque-to-inertia ratio, resolution, frequency response, network-based solutions, physical size, quality, and reliability.

 AC Drives Optimize Saltwater Disposal

This article discusses how to properly apply alternating-current (AC) variable frequency drives (VFDs) to optimize this process and save energy when using multistage centrifugal pumps.

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