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November 2012

 The Power of PackML

The Power of PackML: A Tactical Brief - Published by Automation World Magazine with featured article written by Doug Meyer.

 Yaskawa Europe to Acquire Majority Shares of VIPA

Acquisition Strengthens Yaskawa’s Automation Solutions Portfolio

 Controls Technology Leads to Breakthrough in PTI-compliant Marking

This Florida grower and shipper looked high and low for an automated method of marking palletized cases of produce. Finally, it built its own which includes Yaskawa's Sigma 5.

 XYZ AC Motors vs. DC Motors for Power Presses

Depending on the drive style, a high-tonnage mechanical press can stamp out metal parts at up to 1,000 strokes per minute.

October 2012

 Machine Commissioning: A Programmer’s Checklist

Inside Machines tips and tricks: Control engineers need to practice these programming tips to ensure project timeline pressure doesn’t harm the machine project.

September 2012

 Open-Delta Systems Affect VFDs

To avoid premature drive failure, take proper precautions when installing VFDs on open-delta supplies.

 Yaskawa Acquires Wermac Electric, Ltd.

Acquisition Strengthens Yaskawa’s Position in the Oil & Gas Industry.

 Upgraded AC Motors Make Fiber Spinning More Efficient

Synthetic-fiber producer ENKA de Colombia SA, Medellín, Colombia, replaced dc and ac motors with advanced ac versions coupled to efficient variable-frequency drives on a fiber spinning line. The strategy saves the company more than $883,000 annually in electricity and downtime. 

 The Lead to Linear Speed

A Readers Faces Torsional Issues. Can They Overcome Them With Better Sensing or Control? Should They Look to an Electronic Answer?

 Synchronization Is Critical to High-Speed Assembly

Synchronization is an essential element of both symphony orchestras and football teams. It’s also important to the success of high-speed assembly lines.

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