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Motion Control Design - 10 questions, 10 answers

Sponsored by Yaskawa and presented by Brian Beal, President, Highland Controls LLC

OEE is Key

The traditional approach for optimizing a packaging line consists of using a PLC-based model from a single-source automation supplier, an approach focused heavily on maintenance in an attempt to limit downtime. But there’s an alternative approach, one based on a motion-centric solution with a focus on productive outcome

Yaskawa Honored for Delivering World Class Customer Service in 2013

Yaskawa Honored for Delivering 'World Class' Customer Service: Receives Omega's prestigious NorthFace ScoreBoard Award for exceeding customer expectations in 2013.

VFDs Eliminate the Need for PLCs and External Hardware

Advanced VFD technology delivers cost and space savings by providing protective features and minimal programming.

Yaskawa Nominated for 2013 Control Trends Best Variable Frequency Drive of the Year

Yaskawa was nominated for 2013 Control Trends Best Variable Frequency Drive of the Year along with Honeywell Smart VFD, ABB, Danfoss, Johnson Controls, Yaskawa Z1000, Teco Westinghouse, and TAC Schneider Electric Square D.

Avoid a Control Panel Redesign

When motion network communications contain errors or create alarms, consider four quick-fix alternatives before redesigning a control panel.

Details Drive Choice of Servomotors

In a competitive marketplace, details help differentiate one product from another. A thoughtful feature or a more rugged design can make all the difference. Consumers who buy based solely on price often end up disappointed.

Yaskawa/DRV Announce New Relationship

Yaskawa Signs First U.S. Medium Voltage Drive Distributor

A Change in Speed Control Ramps Up Production for Steel Company

TSA Manufacturing in Omaha, Neb., provides steel products and services to the construction, precast concrete, and structural steel markets. One machine—a thread roller that makes long steel threaded rods up to 1 in. diameter used in bridge construction—required extensive maintenance and replacement of worn-out parts, and was out of service for repairs too often.

Improving Motion Network Noise Immunity

Most modern motion control systems employ Ethernet-based networks to transmit data among various electrical and electronic components.

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