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Cut Centrifugal Load Energy Costs

Many organizations want to save energy because of increasing costs for electric power. Costs for electricity vary widely across the U.S., with most utility rates rising steadily for a variety of reasons.

Regenerative Power Units Save Energy

Spindle drives, decanter centrifuges, hoists, cranes, elevators, and torque dynamometer test rigs can save energy from frequent run and stop, deceleration with high inertia load, and overhauling torque by using a regenerative power unit.

Application Overview: Wire Drawing

There are literally thousands of finished products that rely on drawn wire.  To satisfy this ever growing need, many millions of miles of wire are drawn by metal working companies annually.  For this reason wire drawing, although unchanged in process for many years, is an extremely cost sensitive and competitive market.

MCA Announces 2013 Board of Directors

John Payne, Vice President of the Motion Division, Yaskawa Electric America, Inc. remains a 2013 member of the MCA Board.

Understanding Servo System Application Requirements

When selecting servo-based motion control systems, it’s all about the application.

Yaskawa Receives 2013 BOM Top Products Award for Building Automation ESP

The Building Operating Management Top Products award-winners were selected by an e-mail ballot to the facilities professionals who receive the print and online editions of the magazine, attend in-person and online events, and subscribe to e-newsletters.

Energy Efficiency Improvement with Permanent Magnet Motors and Variable-Frequency Drives

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, motor systems are responsible for 63 percent of all electricity consumed by U.S. industry and the electric bill represents more than 97 percent of total motor operating costs.

Yaskawa Commemorates First U.S.-Manufactured MV1000 Medium-Voltage Drives

The Kagami-Biraki sake ceremony celebrates the start of U.S. manufacturing of the Yaskawa MV1000 medium-voltage ac drives, first in that series of drives to be built in Oak Creek, Wis., with an investment in manufacturing and testing in excess of $3 million. See photo gallery from the ceremony and plant tour, below.

The Power of PackML: A Tactical Brief

Published by Automation World Magazine with featured article written by Doug Meyer.

The Power of PackML

The Power of PackML: A Tactical Brief - Published by Automation World Magazine with featured article written by Doug Meyer.

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