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Yaskawa Honored Again for Delivering World-Class Customer Service

Receives 9th Consecutive NorthFace ScoreBoard Award for Excellence in Technical Support, along with Certification in Employee Customer Relationship Training for the 2nd year.

Yaskawa named "First Team Honoree" in 2021 Leadership in Automation

Automation World’s Leadership in Automation program reflects reader recognition of outstanding suppliers of industrial automation technologies.

Yaskawa is 2020 Leadership in Engineering Winner

Design World user community has chosen their preferred suppliers for the latest Leadership in Engineering program, now in its 14th year.

Featured Podcast: Exploring the GA500 AC Microdrive

Edward Tom, GA500 AC Microdrive Product Manager, describes the unit’s various features and discusses how it is designed.

Motion Control Brings Flexibility to Packaging

Packaging operations need to change on a dime these days. That requires coordinated motion control hardware and software.

Yaskawa Wins 2020 Customer Experience Award

In recognition of customer experience excellence, this is the 6th year in a row that Yaskawa America has been honored with this award.

Yaskawa named to Clarivate Top 100 Global Innovators

Yaskawa is pleased to announce for the 6th consecutive year, Clarivate has named Yaskawa as a Top 100 Global Innovator!

Direct drive vs. geared rotary servomotor: A quantification of design advantage: Part 3

Direct-drive servomotors are becoming more common as range and availability expands for use in many machine and motor applications.

Direct drive vs. geared rotary servomotor: A quantification of design advantage: Part 2

Testing a direct drive and geared rotary servomotor shows there are some significant differences between the two when actually put into practice.

How to size an electric-motor-driven chain-and-sprocket system

Explore the process for sizing the components (using that same software) for an electric-motor-powered axis based on chain and sprocket power transmission.

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