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The "Beat the Clock" challenge proves anybody can easily connect a Yaskawa Variable Frequency Drive to a Rockwell PLC in 60 seconds or less.

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How much effort is required to integrate a Yaskawa drive into a Rockwell PLC?
We want to educate our customers and let them prove to themselves it's not that hard.
In fact, it's super fast and really easy. To get an idea of how fast and easy this process can be, see the videos below.

Interested in taking the challenge? Contact your local Yaskawa Drives Representative.


The "Beat the Clock" challenge addresses just one item that we face when trying to convert from Rockwell - CONNECTIVITY.

But, also consider our:

QUALITY: Yaskawa offers the highest quality, most reliable drives in the industry today, with the testimonials and reputation to back it up.

TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP: Competitive pricing, coupled with our product reliability, virtually eliminates drive failures, resulting in less costly downtime for our customers.

TRAINING: We provide free training and onsite support for our products.

SUPPORT: We provide FREE technical support, 24/7/365. No costly support contracts. No purchase orders taken when our customers call us.

USA PRODUCTION: We build the majority of our products in the USA. We control every aspect of the product lifecycle, from design to production, in our factories to the most stringent levels of quality. We maintain a vast inventory of drives to ensure you can get what you need when you need it.



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