DriveWizard Industrial Help

Helpful information:

Make your own DriveWizard cable or purchase one from Yaskawa.

  • For 1000 series use the green PC to Drive connection and flash cable UWR01076-1
  • For 1000 series drives with a USB port, you may also use a USB Interface Cable. (male USB-A to male USB-B) UWR-0638
  • For 7 series Drives use the blue PC to Drive connection cable UWR00468-1 or UWR00468-2
  • For G5 PC to Drive connection cable UWR00103-1

‚ÄčLearn to Install and connect with DriveWizard industrial in under 10 minutes:

VIDEO: DriveWizard Industrial Installation and Connection

Video outline:

  • System Requirements (0:31)
  • Installation tips if experiencing problems (1:24)
    • Installation as Administrator
    • Installation using "XP mode" (Rarely needed)
  • Connecting to the drive using USB cable (1:50)
    • USB direct to drive
  • Installing USB driver for 64 bit or 32 bit operating systems (2:20)
  • Verifying communication through USB connection (4:35)
    • Switching from Local Mode to Remote Mode.
    • Switching from Remote Mode to Local Mode.
  • Connecting to the drive using Serial connection (5:10)
    • Using the RJ45 to DB9 cable and USB to Serial adapter.
    • Selecting proper com port
  • Connecting through Ethernet (7:03)
    • Use with options SI-EN3, SI-EM3, SI-EP3 for 1000 series
    • Use with CM090, CM092 for 7th generation drives
    • Locating the drive on the network
  • Connecting to drive using the JVOP-181 "Y-Stick" option (8:38)

Other helpful links:
A1000 USB Driver Installation Guide
NOTE: Refer to the HELP FILE included in DriveWizard Software for full details on using and troubleshooting DriveWizard Industrial.