J1000 Drive


This array of Power-related options are available for Yaskawa AC drives as shown. Some may be factory-mounted within a drive enclosure, others may be separately mounted.

Power Options
More Information
Reactor...Used on either the input or output of a drive to reduce the effect of load or line side transients on the drive. The three-phase reactors are available loose in a separate NEMA 1 enclosure.
EMC C1 Filters...Used on the input of the drive to attenuate possible drive-generated noise. Filters should always be mounted as close to the drive a possible; these are designed such that the drive can be mounted to it, pancake-style. The drive should be installed with the EMC filters listed in order to comply with the EN 610800-3, category C1 requirements. These C1 filters meet the requirements for CE. Note: EMC filters for models CIMR-VU2A0030 trough 0069 are in compliance with EN 61800-3, Category 2. All other models comply with Category 1.
Dynamic Braking 10% Duty...Assists the drive to periodically decelerate a load without overvoltage trips. Dynamic braking consists of at least one transistor and at least one resistor, and is sized for rated motor horsepower. The braking transistor may be included in the standard drive. The resistors are sized for a 10% duty cycle (10 seconds maximum on-time of every 100 seconds), and will provide approximately 150% braking torque. Ten percent dynamic braking is not typically used for "hold-back" type applications such as unwinders, hoists, or downhill conveyors.
Dynamic Braking 3% Duty...Are rated for 3% duty cycle over a 100-second interval. Approximate braking torque for each rating is listed. These resistors are designed in NEMA 1 enclosures for separate panel mounting.