Z1000 Configured

Specifications & Features

Additional specifications can be found within the Z1000 User Manual (Doc No. TOEPC71061645) under the Specifications section.

Feature Highlights

  • 100k AIC Package Rating
  • Input “Non-Fused” Disconnect
  • Standard Digital Inputs (4)
    • Run
    • Safety
    • BAS Interlock
    • Smoke Purge
  • Programmable Digital Inputs (3)
  • Programmable Relays (4)
  • Embedded BACnet communications (BTL Certified), along with Modbus/Memobus, APOGEE FLN and Metasys N2
  • Phase Loss & Low Voltage Monitor – Protects Against Contactor Coil Burn-out
  • Duct Pressurization Function (Pre-run)

Available in 12-pulse and 18-pulse versions