HVAC - Input and Output Options

This array of Power-related options are available for Yaskawa AC drives as shown. Some may be factory-mounted within a drive enclosure, others may be separately mounted. Factory mounted and wired options are provided within configured packages or custom engineered packages.

Name and Description Z1000 Z1000B Z1000C
Reactor...Used on either the input or output of a drive to reduce the effect of line-side or load-side transients. These 3-phase reactors are available in a NEMA 1 enclosure for field installation, or factory installed in a Configured package. X X X
RFI Filter...Used to attenuate possible drive-generated noise back to the line. Along with proper shielding, routing, and grounding between the filter and the drive, it is designed to reduce line-conducted noise levels to within the limits of FCC regulations, part 15, subpart J, for Class A devices. Available only in a factory-installed Configured package. X X X
RFI Noise Supression Filter...Used to minimize RF noise generation back to the power line. This filter is a delta-wye capacitive filter network. X X X