SGT Sigma Trac



Time Rating
  • Continuous
Insulation Resistance
  • 500 VDC, 10MW minimum
Ambient Temperature
  • 0 to 40ÂșC
  • Permanent magnet
Withstand Voltage
  • 1500 VAC for one minute
  • Self-cooled
Ambient Humidity
  • 20% to 80% (no condensation)
Winding Insulation
  • Class A

Design Features:

  • Factory assembled, fully integrated linear motor driven slide reduces machine design complexity and commissioning time.
  • Automatic motor recognition by Yaskawa amplifiers eliminates need for user to input motor coil parameters.
  • Long strokes and high-speed, high accuracy positioning.
  • Large integrated cable carrier allows space for peripheral cables and hoses.
  • Covers and accessories available as accessories (up to 1 m stroke).