SGDV SigmaLogic



Item Specification
Software SigmaSelect
SigmaWin+ Ver.5
SigmaLogic Software Package
CPU 200 MHz, 32 bit, ARM
Memory SDRAM, 32 MB
SRAM, 512 kB with battery backup
Flash, 4 MB flash. Code and parameter storage
Operator interface LED:
10 LEDs (red and green - operating mode, communication and error status)
User Configuration:
6x DIP switch (operating mode and communication configuration)
Environmental Conditions

Ambient Operating Temperature:
0°C to 55°C

Ambient Storage Temperature:
-20° to 85°C

Ambient Operating Humidity:
90% RH or less (with no condensation)

Ambient Storage Humidity:
90% RH or less (with no condensation)

Pollution Level:
Protection class: IP10, Pollutio degree:2

  • Free of corrosive or explosive gases
  • Free of exposure to water, oil, or chemicals
  • Free of dust, salts or iron dust
Operating Altitude:
1,000 m above sea level or lower
Mechanical Operating Conditions

Vibration Resistance:
4.9 m/s2

Shock Resistance:
19.6 m/s2

Free of static electricity, strong electromagnetic fields, magnetics fields or exposure to radioactivity

Servo-Side Safety Functions Input:
/HWBB1, /HWBB2: Baseblock signal for power module
EDM1: Status monitor (fixed output) of built-in safety circuit
Network Capabilitiy EtherNet/IP
Diagnostic and configuration interface Web interface
Motion control performance 1 controlled axis and one external position input at a trajectory update rate of 1 kHz