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Servo control software improves applications requiring accurate path tracking and low settling time, such as CNC and cutting, conveyor tracking, pick-and-place operations, PCB mounting, welding, as well as painting, coating, and gluing. A gantry robotic application resulted in a 33% increase in machine throughput, compared to prior technology.

One-in-four control loops are regulating level, but techniques for tuning PID controllers in these integrating processes are not widely understood.

For those who are just getting into writing ladder logic and have maybe taken a few classes or seen some examples, it is quite simple to write your own template.

Correctly setting controls for pumps and circulators is key to achieving energy savings.

Engineering and IT Insight: Lazy?! Great control system programmers spend more time in design so they can spend far less time in the implementation stage. While this might seem that you need to be lazy to be a great control system programmer, you’re just being smart, efficient, and thrifty with programming time and budget.

Testing drive-and-motor systems is a three-step process.

Is your automation problem really a power quality problem in disguise?

There is no “one size fit all” formula for legacy migration of control systems, but assessing the available information along with some common sense can go a long way in putting together a fundamentally sound project.

Cross-referencing really can be an art. If successful it can save a company time and money, whereas if it is not done properly it can create major headaches.

Automated machinery can be very complex and cost millions of dollars. When it breaks down seconds can count; lost production affects the bottom line and can lead to lost customers when deadlines aren’t met.

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