Rinka's Fund

On Friday, March 28, the Yaskawa family lost a great friend and esteemed colleague. Tomohiro “Bruce” Hirayama, along with his wife, Sachiyo, and son, Yuki, were killed in a tragic automobile accident while vacationing near the Grand Canyon. They leave behind their nine-year old daughter, Rinka.

To honor the memory of the Hirayama family, Yaskawa America, Inc. is collecting donations to provide financial support to Rinka and her family during their time of need. 

Donations may be made payable to Rinka's Fund and sent to:

Rinka's Fund
c/o Yaskawa America, Inc.
2121 Norman Drive South
Waukegan, IL 60085 USA
Attn: Human Resources

To make a credit card donation via PayPal online, click here:

All donations received will be given to the Hirayama family to benefit Rinka.

NOTE: The donations made to Rinka’s Fund are simply considered to be 'personal gifts' which are not taxed as income in the US. Yaskawa America, Inc. is not a 501 (c) organization. Only donations made to a legally registered non-profit or charity organizations may be considered eligible for donors to claim as a tax deduction.

Everybody at Yaskawa is deeply saddened by the loss of Mr. Hirayama and his family and he will be remembered as a friendly, energetic, and vital part of our organization.

We would like to thank you for your prayers, support and generosity, both locally and internationally, during this difficult time.

Call (847) 887-7000 or email marcom@yaskawa.com for more information.

This fund is organized by:
Yaskawa America, Inc.
2121 Norman Drive South, Waukegan, IL 60085 USA
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