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When using MotionWorks+, is there a way to tell which version of a project is currently in the RAM memory of the MP940 and the last date it was revised?


When using DriveWizard HVAC on a Z1000 Bypass do I connect to the Z1000 Drive or the Electronic Bypass Contol PCB?


When using an MP920's SVA Servo interface and an absolute encoder on a Sigma II Servopack (SGDH), how is the absolute data requested and confirmed complete in the application program?


When using an absolute encoder, is it possible to set the absolute zero position through the Fieldbus Network?


When using 2 option cards, I am receiving an OPE06 fault and am not seeing all the F1 parameters. I am using CN5-B for my encoder feedback card.


When the personal computer (PC) serial port connection is disconnected from the controller, why does the SMC-2000/3010/4000 controller become unresponsive?


When the E7 drive trips out on a fault it must be manually reset. Can the E7 be set to restart automatically after a fault?


When setting parameter Pn300 (Speed Reference Input Gain) what rated speed should be used for Linear Motor applications?


When setting parameter Pn300 (Speed Reference Input Gain) what rated speed should be used for Linear Motor applications?


When running into hardware limits, motion is disabled in both directions. How can the axis be jogged off the limit switch?



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