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The MotionWorks IEC Hardware Configuration software is unable to connect to the MPiec controller. What should I check to correct the problem?


The J7 drive will only allow the parameter to viewed but not changed.What must be done to change parameter values in the J7/305 AC drive?


The HV600 is described as a fan and pump drive. Is there new pump control functionality built into the drive?


The Hardware Configuration launches, but does not appear after using dual displays, is there a way to reset its position?


The GUI displays mm. How can it change to inches?


The GPD 515/G5 displays a parameter, but does not let me change it. Why?


The GPD/515G5 instruction manual (TOE-S616-10.13) (pages 21-22) specifies that input fuses should be used on the installation of these drives.--Is fusing required or is a circuit breaker sufficient protection for the inverter?--If fusing is not required, what characteristics of MCCB should used be to protect the drive adequately?


The E7L will not run the motor in Hand or Auto mode. What can cause this?


The E7 drive inside the bypass enclosure unit doesn't have the Hand, Off or Auto buttons that are shown in the E7 manual. How can the drive be run locally?


The E7B bypass unit with the serial communications, option J or option L control comes set up for the start/stop as well as the speed reference to be controlled through serial communication. Is it possible to maintain start/stop control through serial communication while using an analog signal for speed reference?


The Drive Wizard .PARMS file was edited with another program (ie. Microsoft Word, Notepad) and saved. When reopened with DriveWizard, an error code of "File Error" was displayed on-screen. What is the problem and how can this be corrected?


The Alarm output on the CACR HR Servopack no longer works. It is always open (or closed) regardless if the servopack is in an alarm state or not. What causes this situation?


The AC drive repeatedly displays an OV (Overvoltage) fault when the inverter is stopping. What causes this?


The "sleep" function can only be used when PID is enabled. If an analog (0-10VDC or 4-20mA) signal for speed reference is used, is there any way to use "sleep" without enabling PID?


SVE -- Fault Code Description


Specification of 12 pulse input transformer for GPD505/506- PC5/P5 series AC drive.


Sometimes my machine power-up position is incorrect even though I have an absolute encoder on the motor. What is causing this issue?


Some shape cutting OEMs consider their front-end interface as their differentiating feature over competitors. How would you make Compass attractive to OEMs like this?


Should motor cable length be a concern when installing an AC drive?, Is it ok to have a motor 300ft from the drive?


Serial communication is lost intermittently between the building automation system (BAS) and a Lonworks board on the GPD506 / P5 drive. What might be causing this?



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