MotionWorks IEC Hardware Configuration Basics Videos

These videos comprise the official Yaskawa training course "MotionWorks IEC Hardware Configuration Basics".

Allow a total of 4-8 hours to view the videos and complete the programming exercises.

  1. Remote Demo Connection (MP3300iec + Sigma-7 Demo) (Doc# eLV.MPiec.02.3300Sg7_RmtCnct)
  2. Basic Concepts (Doc# eLV.MotionWorksIEC.01.HC_BasicConcepts)
  3. Basic Axis Configuration (Doc# eLV.MotionWorksIEC.02.HC_BasicAxCnfg)
  4. Test Move (Doc# eLV.MotionWorksIEC.01.TestMove)
  5. Servo Options (Doc# eLV.MotionWorksIEC.03.HC_ServoOptions)
  6. Absolute Encoders (Doc# eLV.MotionWorksIEC.04.HC_AbsEnc)