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Plasma Cutting Rivals Laser Precision, Thanks to Servo Smoothness

Plasma Cutting

AKS Cutting Systems, the Accu-Kut plasma cutting equipment makers, are attracting industry attention for their finished parts' outstanding smoothness and precision. This industry-leading success is gained through an exceptionally rigorous focus on every detail of machine motion.

See the success firsthand, and discover its secrets in the latest Yaskawa at Work video.

Did you Miss Us at Automate?

Automate 2023

Check out this quick video overview of our booth highlighting our demo of iCube Control, Yaskawa's next-generation machine control and safety platform.

Learn with Yaskawa: eLearning Modules


eLearning modules (eLMs) are user-friendly, computer-based training lessons that are effective, time efficient, and can be performed anytime or anywhere. eLMs do not replace but complement factory-style training classes and are the perfect way to get very specific training quickly.

Find Motion eLMs on our training site!

Featured eLM: Yaskawa Linear Motors


This eLearning video introduces the two linear motor solutions offered by Yaskawa: the Sigma Trac II linear stage and individual linear motor components.

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