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Palletizing Problem Solved by Space-saving Machine

Palletizing solved by Yaskawa

Packaging automation systems can help provide instant precision and long-term durability. Challenged to build a machine that packaging customers can rely upon daily, and over the next two decades, ROI Industries Group turned to Yaskawa Motion. Dive in to learn how the space-saving machine, the PALLETPOD, solved their palletizing problem.

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Yaskawa Training

Performed in the Yaskawa virtual training room, live online classes allow students to virtually attend a factory-level training class, traditionally held in the Yaskawa HQ training facility. No traveling is required! Class size is limited to ensure the most effective learning occurs between students and instructors.

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Six AI motion control applications to improve OEE

AI Motion Control to improve OEE

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more common in industrial applications. The ability to collect information from a discrete machine or an entire manufacturing line and use this information to optimize operational performance,

efficiency, and consistency can be extremely beneficial for manufacturing companies striving for higher overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Used effectively, AI can be a very useful tool for unlocking the potential of manufacturing equipment.
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