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Three packaging processes, one Singular solution.
Boost throughput in three critical packaging applications with Singular ControlTM, and manage motion for robots, servo systems and drives with one controller and familiar IEC programming.

One Yaskawa controller covers it all for a picking operation: vision systems, multi-part conveyors, servo systems, drives, plus all types of robotic mechanisms. Replace custom robot code with standard IEC61131-3 programming.


Case Packing
Make high-speed case packing easier by combining gantry robots, articulated robots and servo-driven automation into a single system. Then switch from one motion device to another without reprogramming!


Two palletizing robots use Singular Control and PalletSolver® software to create pallet patterns and quickly change them on the fly. Use 3D vision and functional safety technology too.
IEC Robot Control: See it in action

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Design your ideal packaging application with a gantry robot, then switch to a robot arm or a servo system without reprogramming. It’s all part of Singular Control, which eliminates the need for a specialized robot controller or a specialist in robot programming. Achieve it all with the programming conventions you already know: PLCopen function blocks, ladder logic or structured text.
Pump up your OEE without tossing out your PLC


Add the extra speed, precision and robust reliability of Yaskawa automation without replacing your existing programmable logic controller. Both the MLX robot controller and the SigmaLogic7 Compact servo amplifier use the AOIs (Add On Instructions) from existing PLCs. Faster, accurate and more reliable servo systems by Yaskawa immediately add productivity that enhances your system’s Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

OEM Packaging Solutions

Want an instant boost in packaging output? Add a new high-performance Yaskawa component to an existing automation system.

  • MPiec Machine Controllers - up to 62 axes of motion control with industry-leading speed, conformity to the IEC61131-3 and PLCopen global programming standards.
  • Sigma-7 Servo Systems - a completely new line of servomotors and amplifiers with greater bandwidth, higher resolution, a smaller form factor and exclusive tuning features that make implementation easier.
  • VIPA SLIO - a modular connection I/O solution that’s easy to expand, configures with the touch of a button and offers a web interface for diagnostic info.




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