The HV600 family of drives employs the latest advancements in variable speed control for HVAC applications. In addition to a wide product range, enjoy effortless setup with a high contrast keypad, LED status ring, and mobile device connectivity.

The HV600 UL Type 12 Narrow Electronic Bypass received the Gold Award in the Mechanical category in Consulting-Specifying Engineer’s 2023 Product of the Year program!

HV600 Drives Family

HV600 Standalone Drives:

  • IP20/UL Type 1
  • IP55/UL Type 12
  • IP20/Protected Chassis
  • NEW IP55/UL Type 12 with Integrated Disconnect Switch

HV600 Drive Packages:

  • Narrow Electronic Bypass and Configured
    (UL Type 1 or NEW UL Type 12)
  • Enclosed Electronic Bypass and Configured
    (UL Type 1, UL Type 12, or UL Type 3R)
  • NEW Redundant Drive Packages
Easy HV600 Drive Setup Video
Easy HV600 Bypass Drive Setup Video

Making the Complicated Simple

Offering intuitive interaction and world-class quality, you can count on the HV600 drive and value-added packages for consistent, high quality performance.

Make your day easier and leave more time for other tasks by trusting the HV600 from Yaskawa.

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High-Contrast Display
Contrast control offers clear and readable full-text descriptions.
Advanced Keypad Navigation
Shortcuts, scrolling and function keys offer faster navigation.
Parameter Backup / Copy
Removable keypad allows you to back up and copy parameters to other drives.
24 VDC Power Input for Controller
Simplify your wiring and keep your control system operating even during standby or power outage.
Finger Safe Terminals
Easily access terminals to make the wiring process faster and easier. No need to remove the cover.
LED Status Ring
You can determine the drive status with a quick glance at the LED status ring and know the HV600 is ready and operating.
Real-Time Clock
Real-time clock for time and date stamp of fault information.
USB Port (behind keypad)
Easily connect your PC or mobile device to program the drive with or without power.
MicroSD Slot
MicroSD storage for data logging.
Power Range
  • 208 VAC: 3 to 100 HP
  • 480 VAC: 3 to 250 HP

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Drives Circle tool tip
Easy to Use
    • You want a product that will last. That’s why the HV600 sustainability features will provide you the peace of mind that you’re looking for.
      • Designed to last a minimum of ten years of continuous operation.
      • Globally Certified (UL, cUL, CE, TUV and more)
      • Designed to meet RoHS2, providing an environmentally friendly drive.
      • TUV safety rating of SIL3/PLe allows our customers to meet the most stringent safety ratings for their machine and provides a long mission time for the life of their equipment.
      • Conformal coated boards that meet 3C2, 3S2 to withstand harsh environments.
    • With all the features and functions packed into the HV600, its design was intended to make it easy to use from installation to operation.
      • Programming without any power applied to the drive provides you the ability to set up the drive at your convenience – any place and any time.
      • Innovative LED status ring provides drive status quickly and easily at a glance.
      • Intuitive keypad with color-coded function keys to make navigating the drive easy.
      • Finger safe, Euro-style screw down terminals make drive installation a breeze.
      • Software tools like DriveWizard HVAC, DriveWizard Mobile, and DriveWorksEZ makes programming and customization of the drive quick and simple.
    • The HV600 is specifically designed to meet a wide range of HVAC applications.
      • Rated input voltages of 208 VAC three-phase or 480 VAC three-phase to meet the need of your facility.
      • Ability to operate nearly any motor type, including induction motor (IM), permanent magnet motor – surface (SPM) or interior (IPM), or synchronous reluctance (SynRM).
      • Building automation communication protocols built in to make smart building automation easy.
      • Various installation methods to fit into your space.
      • Integrated 24 VDC power supply for customer use eliminates the need for a separate power source to power external devices like sensors.
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