HV600 Drive


Quick and Easy Set-Up

  • Simple steps for efficient commissioning
  • DriveWizard® Mobile app for drive management on smart mobile devices
  • Safe programming without main three-phase power

Ease of Installation

  • IP20/UL Type 1, IP55/UL Type 12, IP20/Protected Chassis
  • -10°C to +60°C ambient*
  • Side-by-side mounting*
  • Plenum rated*

Simple Operation

  • High visibility Status Ring
  • Hand-Off-Auto keypad with LCD display and tactile buttons
  • Timer controls for starting, stopping, and speed changes
  • Real-time clock for scheduled functions

Designed for Building Automation

  • Built-in building automation protocols
  • Compliance with global certifications and standards
  • Emergency Override for occupant safety in fire events

Building-Friendly Operation

  • Built-in line impedance for harmonic reduction
  • On board EMC/RFI filter*
  • Conformal coating for circuit board protection

Application Presets

  • Fan
  • Fan with PI Control
  • Return Fan with PI Control
  • Cooling Tower Fan
  • Cooling Tower Fan with PI Control
  • Pump
  • Pump with PI Control

*See manual for drive ratings