Movicon HMI Editor


Comprehensive graphic library

A wide variety of simple, understandable graphic images are built in, plus 16 animation features for objects including motion, transparency functions, colors, color fillings, text editing and more.

Editable vector graphics

Equipped with powerful design and layout functions in 32 levels, the objects support an effective inheritance concept and Alias Parameter Management.

Processing data storing in data loggers

Object-based management and automatic ODBC connection for archives in relational data bases is included. In-memory database support is available for the alternative recording in encodable text and XML files.

Automatic recipe control

Self-configurable recipes may be controlled on the basis of relational data bases or text files. Archiving in data bases and creation of the graphic user surface is possible with only a few clicks.

Modbus TCP/IP and PLCi connectivity to MPiec Controllers

Enjoy the assurance of the familiar Modbus TCP/IP or the easy connection of the new PLCi with any Yaskawa MPiec controller.

Data import from the PLC

All important drivers support the automatic tag import from the PLC program. Tag import from every system (e.g. MS Excel).