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DriveWizard iQpump

DriveWizard iQpump

DriveWizard iQpump - YAICAL


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DriveWizard iQpump - Overview


  • Windows 8 Compatible: Supports all past and present versions of Windows.
  • Intelligent Converter: Easy to use parameter conversion tool to update drive settings in previous iQpump 7 series to iQpump1000 series.
  • Communication Configuration: Allows user to easily configure the type of PC to drive communication: Keypad RS232, Mobus 485, USB direct to drive, and Ethernet. (Note Ethernet requires additional option board to be mounted on drive.)
  • PI Treading and Signal Monitoring: Monitor up to 3 signals, 4 different types of meters to choose from, PI trending, adjustable time-base, and save/load monitor setup.
  • Trend Recorder: Can trend up to 6 signals, trend storage, trend analog signals, trend digital inputs, triggering, real-time clock, date-stamp, custom scaling, and playback option.
  • Status and Fault History Panel: Shows pump system status, feedback gauge, set-point gauge, digital input and output monitoring, active fault, and fault history.
  • Pump Parameter Setup: Edit pump parameters, save/load pump setup, search parameter function, transmit group, page or single parameter, read, write and compare parameter sets, modified parameters, parameter overview, and export parameters.
  • Pump Setup Wizard: Learn to program and configure pump systems from Simplex to Multiplex applications. Setup Wizard also supports all pre-programmed application macros.

Additional Software Features

The iQpump® integrated pump specific software allows the operator to quickly set up specific control values for a wide range of applications. iQpump then automatically adjusts pump operation as the system variables change while still maintaining optimum pump performance and protection.

  • Real Time Clock...The iQpump1000 is supported with a real time clock that will log all fault events with a date and time stamp to provide the pump service technicians with real data for troubleshooting. This feature also enables the user to set calendar run and stop configurations, allowing the system to avoid high utility KW rates during peak day time hours.
  • HOA Operator Keypad...What makes iQpump1000 the industry standard is the simplicity of the operator keypad messages that are formatted in pump terminology. This informs the user the status of the system operation along with alarms or specific pump algorithm functions that are being initiated.
  • Pre-Programmed Application Macros...Five (5) Pre-programmed applications presets reduce start-up time significantly. Users enter simple motor and application information within the pump quick setup menu for each of the application programs. Contact Pressure, Pump Down Level Control, Geothermal Pump Control, Vertical Turbine Pump Control, and General Purpose Mode.
  • Programmable Set Point & Scaling...12 different plain text engineering units are available, including PSI and GPM
  • Control Pressure, Start Level & Start Time...flexibility to start the pump at different feedback levels or use the integrated timer to eliminate cycling.
  • Sleep Mode Minimum Flow Protection...protects and shuts down the pump at low speeds or in low flow conditions.
  • Sleep Boost...intended for use with a pressure tank, iQpump will boost the set pressure prior to shutdown, extending the pump's sleep time,reducing cycling, and saving energy.
  • No Flow Detection...separate from Sleep Mode, this detects changes in motor RPM relative to sudden changes in pressure or flow; protecting against broken pipe, excessive well draw down or run-dry conditions.
  • Pre-Charge Control...this programmable feature eliminates water hammer and extends system life by gradually filling a pipe line before normal full pressure and flow operation. Motor speed can be controlled with a system timer, level or pressure control device to indicate when normal operation may begin.
  • Thrust Bearing Control...protects the bearings of submersible motors by ensuring start up speeds and times meet manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Automatic System Restart...programmable timers allow the iQpump to automatically restart the system in Auto Mode for faults relating to brown out's, no power, power spikes, and dry well.
  • Utility Start Delay Timer...used in conjunction with "Automatic Restart", a programmable timer will delay starting to allow for multiple pumps to sequence start on loss of power. This function ensures that the power system in not stressed when utility power has returned and pump system is automatically restarted.
  • Loss of Prime (LOP)...Loss of prime protection is a feature to protect the pump and motor from damage that would be caused if the pump were operated without water. If a pump were to lose prime and continue to operate without water moving through the pump, the pump would develop heat, which would eventually damage the pump seal,motor, pipe manifold and related components.
  • Low & High Pressure Feedback Detection...iQpump continuously monitors the system feedback device to provide a warning alarm or fault based on programmed level.
  • Flow Meter Data Logging...through a secondary analog input a flow sensor can be connected inline with the pump system back to iQpump to read and accumulate total flow for system reporting to authorities. System can be configured to detect “No Flow” and “Sleep” on low demand.
  • Multiplex Automatic Stabilization...iQpump automatically balances multi-pump systems to stabilize performance and reduce cycling.
  • Flow Monitor Loss Protection...iQpump monitors the current or voltage signal of the flow feedback device to determine if a failure has occurred.
  • Single Drive with Two Pump Alternation Sequence...this feature will sequence iQpump digital outputs based on pump run time hours to alternate two pumps for even wear.
  • Pump Fault and Alarms...iQpump provides a comprehensive set of pump related alarms and faults. Faults are displayed on the keypad in clear text to eliminate confusion.
    • Over Cycling
    • No Flow
    • Loss of Prime
    • Transducer Loss
    • Over Torque
    • Low & High Pressure Feedback detection
    • Pump Over Cycling
    • Dry Well
  • Motor Protection...iQpump protects the motor by monitoring:
    • Output Phase Loss
    • Ground Fault
    • Motor Overload
    • Motor Over Temperature
    • Broken Shaft
  • iQpump Drive Protection...
    • Over Voltage
    • Input Phase Loss
    • Under Voltage
    • Phase Imbalance
    • Short Circuit
  • Transducer Loss Protection...iQpump monitors the feedback device voltage or current levels to determine if the transducer has failed.
  • Impeller Anti-Jam Automatic Control...provides a method for the user to select iQpump to detect high current and attempt to expel corrosion or solids which are keeping the pump impeller form operating efficiently, system will perform a quick reversal to try and dislodge jam.
  • Low City Pressure...municipal booster systems that use an external pressure switch to monitor a minimum inlet city pressure for the pump system to run. iQpump will monitor the pressure switch and will display "Low City Pressure" to alert operator that an issue has occurred outside of the iQpump and pump system.
  • Lube Pump Control...designed for pumps that require pre-lubrication before each start.Digital output will energize a solenoid valve for a programmable time before starting allowing for lubrication each time the pump is started.
  • Constant Pressure with Well Draw Down Control...this function allows iQpump to control constant pressure when there is adequate water in the well, while monitoring a second down hole transducer for water level. If the water level drops below user settings then iQpump reduces pump speed to maximize well output. System will return automatically to normal operation when well water is recharged to an adequate level.
  • Time Delayed External Fault Inputs...programmable settings that will delay pump faults to allow for transition of input power from utility to generator and vise versa.Examples are moisture relays, seal failure relays, external phase monitors, etc.

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