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Z1000U Matrix Drive

The Z1000U Matrix drive incorporates matrix technology to directly convert input AC voltage to output AC voltage. The drive is ideally suited for HVAC applications providing extremely low harmonic distortion, energy savings, and serviceability in a space-saving design.

Z1000U Matrix Bypass

The Z1000U Electronic Bypass package provides a Z1000U Matrix drive in a UL Type 1, UL Type 12, or UL Type 3R enclosure with a 100 kaIC input circuit breaker and a 2-contactor style bypass to allow motor operation from the drive or across the line.

Z1000U Matrix Configured

The Z1000U Configured package provides a Z1000U in a UL Type 1, UL Type 12, or UL Type 3R enclosure, with space for several commonly used options, such as reactors, fuses, circuit breakers, etc.