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Harmonics Estimator Software for HV600, Z1000, and Z1000U Drives

The software is fully optimized including a brand-new navigation module and project management module that allows you to create projects containing multiple systems (6, 12 and 18 pulse) of different sizes.

Furthermore, a new pre-existing harmonics function has been added as well as an option for you to operate the software in HP or kW mode. The new advanced report generator module allows you to customize the final report from a single summary page to a full multi-page report with selectable harmonics graphs including customizable harmonic graphs resolution marks.

Software has an integrated automatic update function that allows for updating the actual program including new product marketing literature.
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Web Deployment:
Upload zip file to web-server

Unzip file and run setup.exe

Applicable Products

HV600 Drive
HV600 Narrow Bypass
HV600 Enclosed Bypass
HV600 Narrow Configured
HV600 Enclosed Configured
Z1000 Drive
Z1000 Bypass
Z1000 Configured
Z1000U Drive
Z1000U Bypass
Z1000U Configured