OPC Server



The MPiec OPC Server is an optional software which provides data exchange between Windows applications and MPiec controllers via the manufacturer-independent client/server interface OPC (OLE for Process Control). OPC servers are commonly used to provide machine data to HMIs and SCADA systems in a standardized format.

OPC Server Specifications for MPiec Series
PC System Processor Minimum Pentium 90
Hard Disk Memory Minimum 2MB free
Communication Ethernet TCP/IP
Operating System Windows® 7 (32/64 Bit)
OPC Specification
DA 2.05a
System Limits Number of OPC Groups 32
Max number items per resource 4500
Max number of resources 32
Max number of items in the OPC Server 20000
OPC Foundation Test Status
Self Tested - Interoperability Tested
Performance Benchmark
[for reference only]
Desktop PC, AMD 1.3 Ghz processor, WIN2000 OS 500 tags in 35 ms


Release History
Date Version Comment
12/2013 Updated licensing implementation
07/2011 Added support for Windows 7
08/2010 Added support for MP2600iec
09/2008 Initial release