Specifications & Features

Items MP3300 MP3200 Remarks
CPU-301 (16 axes)
CPU-302 (16 axes)
CPU-301 (32 axes)
CPU-302 (32 axes)
CPU-201 CPU-202
Performance comparison of CPU Module*1 CPU-301: 1.5
CPU-302: 4.0
CPU-301: 1.5
CPU-302: 4.0
4.0 6.0 *1: When compared to MP2310 and MP2200/CPU-02
Number of slots (on main rack) 1/3/8 3/5/8  
Rack expansion Possible  
Multi-CPU configuration Not Possible Possible*2 *2: Up to 5 modules, including the main CPU module
Ethernet 100Base-TX x1 port 100Base-TX x2 ports (HUB)*3 *3: Built-in HUB function
USB I/F Provided (for storage device)  
(CPU-301 250 µs, CPU-302 125 µs*4)
(250 µs*4)
(125 µs*4)
*4: Minimum communications cycle
Number of controlled axes SVC 16 axes 32 axes  
SVR 16 axes 32 axes  
Maximum number of controlled axes 256 axes (when SVB-01 or SVC-01 option modules are used, or when racks are expanded)  
Program memory capacity Data tracing 256 K words 1 M words Battery backup
Table data 1 MB 3 MB
M registers 1 M words
User memory 15 MB 31 MB  
Optional modules All MP2000 series optional modules available  
MotormanSync-MP Ethernet connection Ethernet MP3000 bus connection  
Number of ladder programs High-speed scan DWGs: max. 1000, Low-speed scan DWGs: max. 2000.
User function DWGs: max. 2000, Motion programs: max. 512
Register types S/M/G/I/O/C/D/#  
Data types B/W/L/Q/F/D/A  
Index registers Subscripts I/J, and array registers  
Register capacity M registers: 1 M words, G registers: 2 M words  
Slave functions Supported  
Slave CPU synchronization Supported  
Automatic reception Supported (Maximum number of automatic reception connections: 10)  
File transfer functions Supported (FTP server/client)  
Data tracing functions Number of groups 1, 2, 4 (selectable)  
Trace memory 256 k words/4 groups 1 M words / 4 groups  
Traceable data points 16 points/group  
Data logging functions Number of groups 4 *5: When using recommended USB memory device
Number of log files Built-in RAM disk (max. 8 MB), or USB memory device (4 GB*1)
Data logging points 64 points
USB memory functions Backup/restore of project files, data logging, import/export of register data  
for Σ-7
Servo Drives
Servo tracing Supported  
Monitoring Supported  
Multi-axis tuning Development planning*6 *6: Under development