Fan & Pump Drives

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P1000 Drive

The P1000 drive provides simple, reliable, cost-effective control for variable-torque loads through 1000 HP. Specific application features, energy savings, and network connectivity make the P1000 a great choice for industrial fans and pumps.

P1000 Configured

The P1000 Configured package provides a P1000 drive in a NEMA 1 (UL Type 1) or NEMA 12 (UL Type 12) enclosure or NEMA 3 (UL Type 3), with space for factory-mounted and wired options, such as reactors, filters, circuit breakers, fuses, network communications and I/O cards, etc.

P1000 Bypass

The P1000 Bypass package provides a P1000 drive in a NEMA 1, 12 or 3R (UL Type) enclosure, from 1-500HP, with a 3-contactor style bypass, allowing motor operation from either the drive or across the line.