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FP605 - Overview

The FP605 is a flexible, sustainable, easy-to-use industrial fan and pump drive.

Drives for Every Environment

  • IP20/UL Type 1
  • IP55/UL Type 12
  • IP55/Type 12 with Switch
  • IP20/Protected Chassis
  • IP55/UL Type 12 Backside

Flexible Solution

  • -10°C to +60°C ambient*
  • Side-by-side mounting*
  • UL Type 1 End cap kits for IP20/Protected Chassis drives
  • External heatsink mounting (UL Type 1 and UL Type 12)
  • Compatible with all major network communication protocols


  • 10-year maintenance-free operation
  • Compliance with global certifications and standards
  • Built-in (5% split or 3% positive bus DC link choke) line impedance for harmonic reduction
  • Embedded STO functional safety maximizes production uptime
  • Conformal coating for circuit board protection

Quick and Easy Set-Up

  • Simple steps for efficient commissioning
  • Convenient programming without main power
  • Operates induction, permanent magnet, and synchronous reluctance motors
  • DriveWizard® Mobile app for drive management on smart mobile devices

Simple Operation

  • High visibility status ring
  • 32-character keypad with LCD display and tactile buttons
  • Compatible with all major network communication protocols

Advanced Pump Control

  • Fast and easy pump setup
  • Easy-to-understand pump terminology
  • Application presets for faster commissioning
  • Advanced pump protection features
  • Contactor multiplexing for pump systems

*See technical manual for details on required derating