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MP2200 - Overview


  • The following CPU Modules are available: CPU-01, CPU-02, CPU-03, and CPU-04. The best CPU Module can be selected to match your application and machine specifications.
  • With an option slot configuration that enables expansion to 35 slots, Optional Modules can be selected freely and the optimum system can be built for your machine.

High Performance

  • Control characteristics have been improved by increasing the CPU and Motion Network (MECHATROLINK-II) speed.
    • Completely synchronous operation can be achieved for up to 256 axes
    • MECHATROLINK-II baud rate: 2.5 times faster than MP920 (previous model)
    • CPU processing speed: 2.0 to 5.0 times faster than MP920 (previous model)
    • Larger user memory area
  • High-speed (0.5 ms) motion control is now possible.
  • MECHATROLINK-II enables position control, speed control, torque control, and phase control, and makes precise synchronous control possible. The control mode can also be changed online, facilitating complicated machine operations. The range of possible motion control applications is increased even further with the Virtual Motion Module (SVR).
  • The following open networks are supported when optional Communication Modules are used.
    • Ethernet
    • DeviceNet
    • FL-net
    • EtherNet/IP

Easy to Use


  • Machine startup times can be greatly reduced by using the self-configuration function that automatically detects devices connected to MECHATROLINK and sets the required parameters.
  • The application program converter can utilize your previous software assets with their accumulated databanks of specific knowledge to improve the system further.
    • The mounting area has been reduced to half that of the MP920 (previous model).