SigmaWin+ Ver. 7

Specifications & Features

Powerful Servo System Configuration

Set up all the servo amplifiers in an entire machine from the intuitive interface of SigmaWin+ Ver. 7. Follow the wizards to optimize setup ease, or take detailed control of individual operating parameters on any SERVOPACK in the system.


Improved interface Simple, user friendly software requires no advanced expertise
System-wide capability Configures all the amplifiers on a machine at the same time
Single parameter file Creates one parameter file for all of your machine’s SERVOPACKs
More compatibility Designed for use with any Sigma-5 or Sigma-7 SERVOPACK
Checks wiring Built-in wizard spots all wiring errors in a single operation
Trace function Real-time function traces adjustment state instantly
"Tuning-less" Mode Automatically adjusts tuning gains for reliably stable motion, even with inertia ratios up to 30:1
Advanced tuning functions Vibration suppression, anti-resonance compensation, friction model and ripple compensation
Maintenance Alarm diagnostic function: determines possible alarm causes and suggests corrective actions