Sigma-7 Servo Products


Match any Yaskawa servo motor with a fully digital, easily networked SERVOPACK amplifier. The productivity features within each SERVOPACK enable more precise control and shorter settling times. Each model is equipped with a package of software algorithms that tune automatically, suppress vibration, and compensate for friction and ripple and effects. Choose from single or dual axis designs.

Rotary Servo Motors

In terms of compact size, high resolution and precise performance, the automation industry has never seen a line of rotary servo motors like today’s Sigma-7. The full range of products from 3w to 55kw perform in higher temperature extremes, at higher altitudes and in more washdown environments than ever before. Every Sigma-7 model is backward compatible with existing Sigma-5 and Sigma II products.

  • SGM7J 50W - 750W (200V), 200W - 1.5kW (400V)
  • SGM7A 50W - 7kW (200V), 200W - 1kW (400V)
  • SGM7P 100W - 1.5kW (200V)
  • SGM7G 300W - 15kW (200/400V)

Gear Motors

Gear down a motor's output to suit the mechanical requirements of a machine with our line of gearmotors, custom built for the physical size and operating requirements of each Yaskawa servo motor.

Direct Drive Servo Motors

Direct drive technology eliminates backlash, reduces the number of mechanical components, and provides a stiff mechanical system for highly dynamic applications.

Linear Servo Motors

Yaskawa linear motors are directly coupled to the load, achieving high positioning accuracy and repeatbility, with smooth motion up to 5 m/s. All Yaskawa linear motors are plug-and-play compatible with the Sigma-7 and Sigma-V SERVOPACKS for best-in-class performance.

  • SGLF2 Series Second generation iron-core coil and magnet track components
  • SGLG Series Coreless coil and magnet track components
  • SGLF Series Iron-core coil and magnet track components
  • SGLT Series Balanced Iron-core coil and magnet track components

Linear Slides

Turnkey linear stages, built-to-order and fully tested. Bolt it down, connect it up, and enjoy world class linear moton immediately.

  • Sigma Trac II Ready to run linear stage solution featuring the latest linear motors

Software Tools

Select, set up and tune any Sigma-7 servo system with Yaskawa’s family of user friendly, field-proven PC software tools.