R1000 Regenerative Unit

Specifications & Features

Additional specifications can be found within the R1000 Instruction Manual (Doc# TOEPC71065608) under the Specifications section.

Feature Highlights

  • Compatible with all conventional drives having full power access to DC bus
  • Rated for 100% power, 25% duty cycle (60 second maximum on time), or 80% continuous
  • Overload capability of 150% for 30 seconds
  • 0.9 Power Factor at full load
  • Overcurrent and Overheat Protection
  • Embedded Modbus RTU Communications
  • Removable Terminal Block
  • Multi-language LCD Display
  • Communication options for all major industrial networks provides high speed control and monitoring, reducing installation cost
  • DriveWizard computer software for easy configuration
  • USB Copy Unit and Keypad configuration storage provide speed and convenience for duplicate configuration of multiple drives
  • Made with RoHS compliant materials
Load Rating
100% power, 25% duty cycle (60 second maximum on time), or 80% continuous
Overload Capacity
150% for 30 second
Protective Design
NEMA 1 Standard - Up to 28kW
IP00 - 35kW and above
(No NEMA 1 kits available)
Ambient Operating Temperature
-10 to +50°C (IP00)
-10 to +40°C (with NEMA 1 kit)
UL, CSA B44.1, CE, RoHS
Standard I/O
(8) multi-function digital inputs (24Vdc)
(3) multi-function analog inputs (0 +/- 10 VDC, 4-20 mA)
(1) fault relay output (form C)
(3) multi-function relay outputs (form A)
(2) multi-function analog output (0 +/- 10 VDC, 4-20mA)
I/O Expansion
2 Analog Outputs (-10 to +10V, 11 bit magnitude)
8 Digital Outputs (6 transistor, 2 relay)
Network Communication
Standard: Modbus RTU, RS-422/485, 115 kbps
Optional: EtherNet IP, DeviceNet, Modbus TCP/IP, PROFINET, PROFIBUS-DP