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Energy Savings Predictor

Energy Savings Predictor

Energy Savings Predictor Industrial-YAI


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  • Overview

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Energy Savings Predictor - Ind - Overview

Variable frequency drives (VFD) are reliable electronic devices that control three-phase electric motor speed. They are used in industrial applications to control the speed of fans and pumps in various systems. The payback period for installing drives is usually less than three years and can be less than a year.

Drives do more than reduce energy cost:

  • Drives reduce amps during motor starting, lowering demand charges; another significant part of the electric bill.
  • Drives are less expensive to maintain than mechanical controls.
  • Drives inherent soft-starting reduced wear and tear on motors, sheaves, belts, couplings and other system components.

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Web Deployment:
Upload zip file to web-server

Unzip file and run setup.exe

Applicable Products:

GA800 Drive

GA500 Drive

FP605 Drive

P1000 Drive

U1000 Drive