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Sigma Trac II

Sigma Trac II

Sigma Trac II - Sigma-7 - YAIMOB



Sigma Trac II - Overview


Sigma Trac II is a complete linear motion solution. Each component in Sigma Trac II
is fully assembled and tested:
  • Coil and magnets
  • Bearings
  • Programming without main power through embedded USB port.
  • Encoder
  • Cables
  • Cable management
  • Optional bellows
  • Optional X-Y mounting kit

Simply provide a flat mounting surface and bolt on your payload.

Improve Machine Performance

  • Minimize cycle times and maximize productivity with speeds up to 5m/s, and peak force output up to 5040 N.


  • Coupling the load directly to the motor and encoder yields positioning repeatability of ±2µm.

Zero Maintenance

  • Integrated bearing lubrication technology for long-term maintenance-free operation.


  • We’ve eliminate gears, belts, and screws, resulting in a 10 million double-stroke design life.

Absolute Encoder Feedback

  • Absolute encoder feedback simplifies wiring and requires no homing routines, even after removing power from the equipment.

Wide Range of Sizes

  • With 6 motor sizes and 24 base lengths, there is a linear stage solution for nearly any application. All are available for use with 100/200V or 400V power.

Cable Management

  • Carefully controlling cable flex maximizes cable life. Use additional space in the cable carrier for cables and hoses to your payload.


  • Optional bellows protect magnets and encoder scale from dust, loose debris, and the occasional dropped tool.

Balanced Thrust

  • Yaw accuracy is optimized by centering the coil, balancing the thrust equally between the bearings.

X-Y Mounting Kit

  • An available X-Y mounting kit simplifies design and installation of 2-axis Cartesian systems for pick and place, machining, and additive manufacturing operations.